Welllllll, that’s the end of week 2. How do I feel? Other than the fact that my allergies are starting to bug me and because of that I’ve been a bit sluggish this week…. EXCELLENT! LOL. This weight loss challenge has been really encouraging to push myself.

I’m feeling lighter and stronger. I’ve been told by multiple people now that my face looks slimmer. I haven’t weighed myself just yet, but I’m not sure I’m going to until maybe the halfway mark! I sometimes get discouraged too quickly if I weigh myself and see no numerical change, even if I feel a difference in how my clothes feel or how much stronger I’m feeling. There is just something about that number that drives me insane.

So I’m skipping the scale for now. #skipthescale – Is that a thing? Hmmm. I’ll have to check on it. Maybe I can start a new trend. Haha.

But anyways, back to the weight loss challenge LOL. I’m rambling on about skipping the scale another day.

Y’all know from last week’s blog post that I started at Orangetheory Fitness (they are also the sponsor for the weight loss challenge). I talked last week about the basics of Orangetheory Fitness. This week, I’m going to go a little more in-depth with my experience.

First of all, let’s start out by mentioning that OTF is an hour long workout that is a mix between strength training and cardio. You spend 30 minutes on the weight floor (that will typically include rowing exercises to bump up your heart rate again) and power walking/running on the treadmill (if you need to be on the bike or a strider for any reason, you can do so!). Let’s just say I definitely began as a power walker (insert laughy face emoji here). I still am a power walker, technically. BUT I will say this.

My very first day, I accumulated 36 splat points. This means I spent 36/60 minutes in the orange and red zone combined. If you aren’t familiar with the theory behind Orangetheory, the goal is to only get 12 minutes in the orange zone during your workout in order to burn calories up to 36 hours outside of your class. And like I said, my very first class, I received 36 splat points. Wow, right? And how do I know this? They send me my performance summary straight to my email after every workout! Super convenient.

I do want to compare my first-day performance summary to my most recent.

So as you can see, my first day at OTF was insane. I was able to get in the orange zone super quickly because my body was just not used to the workouts! I was a power walker, which means I walked fast and at inclines. Fast forward two weeks.

Comparatively, you can see that in my most recent workout, I only accumulated 5 splat points. I did not hit my goal of 12 splat points BUT this tells me that my heart is becoming more healthy. How do I know this? Because my heart isn’t working as hard to get me through my workout! AND I have been walking at a faster pace, increasing the incline and have even included a little jogging (shocker, I know). I’m getting stronger, so that means I’m going to have to work even harder to see the results I’m looking for! Ever wonder why people hit plateaus in their weight loss goals? This could be a solution to that!

These performance summaries really help satisfy the numerical improvement I wish to see from the scale! So I definitely think this is a good thing in my case! Especially with this weight loss challenge happening right now.

But to be 100% honest, I’m totally loving it. Like I said, I feel stronger! I’m a little nervous about venturing into running though. I’ve done a little bit in one class, but never the whole way through. But by the look of this second performance summary, it looks like I might have to start soon in order to get my heart rate in the orange zone! Ahhhhh. Wish me luck.

How are your workouts going this week?



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Hey, y’all! I’m Hannah.

Hey, y’all! I’m Hannah.

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